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Selling Your House

Selling Your House? Renovate!

Your house is one of your biggest assets. If you plan on selling your home at some point, there are some key renovations you can make that will add real value to the asking price of a property. The following renovation projects relate directly to the perceived value of your house, going a step further than just staging and decorating to sell.


Bathroom renovation
Renovating a bathroom(s) definitely adds value to your house. An out of date or deteriorating bathroom represents significant money that a new owner has to spend in the future, or worse still, before they can move in.
The bathroom is often one of the smallest rooms in the house, so you want to present it as a stylish haven when you come to sell. A modern bathroom with quality fittings that utilises the space well and is both inviting and practical will not only appeal to buyers but may well be the deciding factor.


Updated kitchen
Kitchens are the heart of modern living, and a house with an updated kitchen is a really big deciding factor, when end users are looking to buy a house. A well-appointed kitchen that inspires creative cooking and entertaining is often high up on a buyer’s wish-list when looking for a new home.
Shiny new fixtures and fittings and gloss cabinets and new worktops will go a long way in making a good impression. If your kitchen is closed off from the rest of your living areas, then opening up this space will make the kitchen more like the beating heart it deserves to be when sharing valuable family time or entertaining.


Fresh decorating including painting and window treatments
Fresh décor will give your property a lift and take away a lot of the cosmetic wear and tear that builds up over the years. Peeling paint and signs of wear will get people thinking of additional costs before they can move in and may even have them questioning whether the home has been looked after. If you want the best price in an ever competitive market for your house it needs to look its best.

If you are going to redecorate before selling, then look to replace outdated styling with something that works with a wide range of tastes, using classic or contemporary neutrals, introduce colour in less permanent ways, like furnishings, artwork and other accessories. You want to your home to look inviting, but also be a blank canvas for the new owner’s personal style.


Indoor/outdoor flow and open plan living
There is nothing like the appearance of a modern functional home to inspire potential buyers. Reconfiguring an awkward or dated layout and replacing it with a haven of modern living can transform a property, boosting it from the lower end of the average sale price in the area to nearer the top. Large-scale renovation is of course a cost but if the finished product is going to sell for a higher price than the money invested then the project may be a great investment. Key areas to focus on include opening up rooms to create larger more versatile spaces, providing increased storage, utilising outdoor living spaces and creating practical indoor-outdoor flow. Something as simple as installing bi-fold doors that open onto a large patio area, can transform a tight space into something open, light and airy.
Extensions and alterations

Extensions and alterations are another way of increasing value and appeal. Installing an en-suite off a large master bedroom or adding another bedroom could be a great investment, whilst turning an under-utilised basement or outbuilding into a self-contained flat or guest suite can appeal to another category of buyers.

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